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lesson plans: 

Activity 109-Art Concept Lesson Plan.pdf Activity 109-Art Concept Lesson Plan.pdf
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Type : pdf
Activity128-watercolor washes.pdf Activity128-watercolor washes.pdf
Size : 0.531 Kb
Type : pdf
Smash pots-texture and manipulation.pdf Smash pots-texture and manipulation.pdf
Size : 0.543 Kb
Type : pdf
Coil pots.pdf Coil pots.pdf
Size : 0.067 Kb
Type : pdf
Heritage group mural painting.pdf Heritage group mural painting.pdf
Size : 0.723 Kb
Type : pdf
Gesture goes 3-D.pdf Gesture goes 3-D.pdf
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Type : pdf
Adjective & Noun day2 revised.pdf Adjective & Noun day2 revised.pdf
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Type : pdf
Collage-2-D elements.pdf Collage-2-D elements.pdf
Size : 0.512 Kb
Type : pdf

presentations: (these may take a moment to load due to the large size)

Coil Pots ppt.pdf Coil Pots ppt.pdf
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Type : pdf
Art Education Time Line ppt.pdf Art Education Time Line ppt.pdf
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Type : pdf

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