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Sarah Lyn Schoolcraft









I grew up in the Western Pennsylvania region surrounded by old steel mills and factory buildings. The run down buildings had such a beauty despite the sad nature; a direct influence in my work to this day.  I have always been a maker and come from a long line of makers: be it yarn, cakes, wood, metal, etc.  Nature vs. Nurture could be argued as to how I ended up working with metal. Machinists and tool and die makers in the family or family members always tinkering with something.  Sometimes it was out of necessity and sometimes it is just for fun.  I started helping in the garage and in the kitchen at a young age.  Regardless the situation, I had to have my hands involved.  Mixing the icing colors for mom was not good enough, I had to decorate.  Watching dad use the router…not good enough, let me get my hands on that tool.  Sewing, crocheting, painting, and anything that I was allowed to drag into the house or attach to the bedroom walls became something. Creativity was never short so what’s next…

I moved to Northwestern Pennsylvania to attend Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 1997 for Art Education.  I settled nicely into the metalsmithing program and changed my major to a BFA in metals. Loving all things art, I earned my BFA in 2002 and MA in Jewelry and Metal design in 2003.  After a few years off, I returned and finished my K-12 Art Certification (PA) in 2010.  

Currently, I reside in Northwestern Pennsylvania with my husband and daughter. I continue to produce art and jewelry and enjoy the rural lifestyle.






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